Fur only Some dogs don’t like balls but would be eager to chase a furry thing. This toy is just for them. It doesn’t have any additional weight, just raccoon-coloured fur on a marine-coloured shock-absorbing strap. It’s very light, will fit into most pockets and bags.

Each toy is hand-sewn in Poland. In some cases, the tag may be sewn on at a different angle, or the thread colour may differ among the toys. We kindly ask you to appreciate such uniqueness. If, however, you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact Żaneta at biuro@wojtkowszkolenia.pl.

All our toys are sold as single items or in a two-pack. A two-pack of toys is cheaper because we want to encourage you to play what we call a ‘little swapping game’ with two of the same toys. In addition, each toy comes with an instruction manual with 10 rules for good play. You can also find there links to our short videos: how to teach your dog to give up a toy and the difficulties that can arise when you want to ‘establish’ a toy.

We issue VAT invoices. To get an invoice for your company, simply enter your VAT number and company name in the appropriate fields when placing your order. The invoice will be sent automatically once your order has been processed.

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Właśnie dojechały do nas Wasze szarpaczki! Są cudowne- pięknie, dobrze zrobione i przemyślane. ❤️ Piesy są zachwycone. Nie możemy doczekać się wspólnych zabaw. 10 przykazań dobrej zabawy uważam za genialne! Super, że o tym pomyśleliście. ❤️ Będę polecała każdemu!

Mamy! Polecamy! Mamy jeden z samym futerkiem i jeden z futerkiem i piłeczką❤️


Tug toy with fur and shock absorber, no ball


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107 cm